Creating the space
where world changing
ideas are made.

We believe in the power of humanity. Every one of us has the potential to create a breakthrough idea – we give more people the chance to do so.

By creating more space for great ideas, we can change the world one breakthrough at a time.

research with Albert.

Our breakthrough research tool for universities, Albert turns the time you usually spend reading, understanding and synthesising research into time to think, imagine, test and explore. Supporting researchers, educators, and students – it helps turn the uncertainty in AI into opportunity.


Meet Albert


Everyone deserves access to quality information and education

To give more people access to great education, The Research Group partners with universities to support more students to enrol and level the playing field. We have established scholarship programs and bursaries through the Research Foundation.

Building communities where ideas thrive

The best ideas are built through collaboration, not isolation. Universities thrive because of the communities they build, and The Research Group is finding new ways for you to meet, collaborate and brainstorm with researchers across the globe.

Getting breakthroughs into the real world faster

Using current research tools and systems, there is a delay between discoveries in research and their influence in the real world. We are committed to speeding up this process, and one of the ways we are doing this is giving everyone the ability to analyse and synthesise the latest research using Albert.

Accessible. Ethical. Secure. Trusted.

Unlike other AI tools, The Research Group’s system contains a proprietary security model that has the ability to secure information at any level. Your ideas, notes, publications and breakthroughs are safe with Albert, now and forever.

You can also trust our system is accurate and unbiased, as our multi-layer “Ethics and Compliance Engine” involves Large Language Models (LLMs) working together to find a better way of expressing information.

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